“Smoke In Here”, Scribbles Who’s New Year Gift To The World

Scribbles Who surprised her audience with a new, incredible single “Smoke In Here” in collaboration with NovaKing and Raw Youngin. The song turned out to be a delicious mix of r&b and soul with a sprinkle of pop that only accentuates its charm. Scribbles Who’s performance is on top as usual. The heart melts in a romantic dance as she takes those incredible highs and lows, withholding here and then bursting there.  

An exceptional artist, Scribbles Who is a singer-songwriter with Haitian roots. In every song, her creativity is evident and her performance over delivers each time. The promise of her music is to motivate people to live their best life, to manifest their dreams into reality and to notice the beauty around us despite the constant business. 

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