Riotron’s Penetrating Vocals Glide Over GOLDHOUSE’s Dance-EDM-Infused Production In “Silent Night” 

“Silent Night” by Riotron features an impressive duet with electronic artist GOLDHOUSE, with Riotron’s penetrating vocals powerfully gliding over the dance-edm infused and experimental soundscape imagined by GOLDHOUSE. 

The energizing banger brings the opportunity to enjoy this timeless hit in a completely different setting, as Riotron decided to create a party-mode take of the classic song. 

Prior to releasing “Silent Night,” Riotron touched millions of listeners with the singles “I’m Sorry” and “Dark Highway.” 

Riotron’s music is a reminder to how beautiful it is to be confidently different, and how important it is to trust your instinct and intuition when expressing yourself as an artist. Since the launch of his project in 2020, Riotron (who happens to be the alter-ego of Canadian indie-pop songwriter Jeff Fettes), has met a resounding success, and he intends to make 2022 an even more prolific year so stay tuned!