Losk33 And Foogiano Released New Visuals For The Banger “Lord Have Mercy”

No Parole Entertainment’s Losk33 and 1017’s Foogiano dropped a powerful release, “Lord Have Mercy.” The collaboration between the artists created a powerful track, with a video clip shot by Rick Rogers Worldwide. 

The flow portrayed in the clip is truly mesmerizing. The artists worked hard to achieve a collaboration that vibes on various levels with the listener. The world of Losk33 is portrayed in the song. A family-oriented man who truly knows how to send the correct message for the fans to enjoy. To the question, “Where do you find your inspiration and motivation?” Losk33 answered, “I think I find inspiration in the things I’ve been through in life; it gives me a lot to talk about and also everybody else’s issues. I speak for the people.” He indeed speaks for the people, an evident fact confirmed by “Lord Have Mercy”. 

Once you listen to the track, you will most definitely become a fan; that’s how powerful it is. Undoubtedly, the fans will want more collaborations, more releases, and more power. “Lord Have Mercy” is just the beginning; there is much more to come yet. 

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