Listen To Seekay’s Sublime New Banger ”Hold”

‘Hold’ emerges as the tune of the month with its chill sounds and electronica vibe. Composer and producer Seekay launches an experiment with various old-new combinations, tunes, and as an outcome, ‘Hold’ becomes suitable for almost every taste.

As the press release notes ‘Seekay continues his musical journey in style with this track, a listening experience that will make people want to get close to the person they love and dance with a burning emotionality. Seekay is the kind of artist who respects and loves authenticity, especially in style, songwriters, and performers who are true to themselves, their views, their looks, and their sounds, irrespective of acclaim or recognition’.

Seekay kept ‘Hold’ in the spirit of pop, electro, and ambient fusion. The track features talented singer Chloe who performed and delivered her sublime vocals, and added her charming energy to the mix. 

Seekay – ‘Hold’ feat. Chloe: