Kitt Wakeley Drops New Single ‘Conflicted’ With Guest Performer Joe Satriani

Kitt Wakeley dropped the first single, ‘Conflicted,’ from his upcoming album Symphony of Sinners and Saints

‘Conflicted’ is a genre borderless track featuring a guest performance by guitar legend Joe Satriani. 

In his latest interview with FistPumpers, Kitt Wakeley explains his approach to creating the track and the story it carries: 

The whole album is about the strife between a positive and negative tone, which applies to every aspect of life. The title of the album is indicative of this concept, Symphony of Sinners and Saints. Even the title of the song, “Conflicted” follows this theme. Each arrangement takes the listener through various calls and responses between the instruments, a journey through moods of inspiration and strife, and other emotional senses. With that in mind, “Conflicted” starts with a motivational vibe, but underneath there are haunting guitar harmonics. However, as the song progresses the inspirational tone builds, only to be taken to a short-term brooding period. Ultimately, the soaring guitars, string arpeggiations, and the triumphant brass prevail as the victor. 

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