New Voice In The Old Industry: Young R&B Artist Gabriela Releases Debut Single “Grow Up”

One of the most critically acclaimed releases of the past few weeks is McAllen, TX-born and raised, currently Nashville, TN-based r&b singer-songwriter Gabriela’s “Grow Up.” Because of the single’s gorgeous production, Gabriela’s soulful vocals, smooth R&B soundscapes, and sophisticated atmospheric aura, the song instantly captures the listeners taking them to the depths of the singer. 

“Grow Up” reflects on the difficulties that come with the aim of moving forward when the ones around us keep holding us back. Gabriela sings of hope; she wants to empower the listener to not give up and try to do a step forward no matter how hard others try to push you back to the old toxic habits. In a way, the song is a tale of her relationship with her partner and how, through that relationship, she grew up to be the young adult she is today. Another side of the song is a call to her significant other to grow up. 

Gabriela’s music is inspired by prominent names in the music industry such as SZA, Taylor Swift, Selena Quintanilla, Kendrick Lamar, and Norah Jones, and their influence on her music is quite evident considering the edgy sound design and production. Yet she definitely breathed fresh air into the industry by bringing her own sound. Hopefully, we will hear more of it in her upcoming debut album that she is currently working on.