End Of The World Enter Altered State With “In My Dream”

The Japanese act, End of the World, is back on sail with a new hit track “In My Dream.”

The members Fukase, Nakajin, Saori, and DJ LOVE blend perfectly to disperse sublime sonic wonders. Initially, Fukase was suffering from mental health issues until he ran into his friends who later became his band members. This helped him move past his barriers and into music.

“In My Dream” draws major inspiration from the melodics of alternative-leaning sounds. The song balances emotions, passions, and escapism is something that both jangles and howls. It’s a sensitive sound wounded with infectious lyrics.

Spread over distorted riffs, “In My Dream” taps into the excitement and fury felt with every note. If you have the chance to be in New York on September the 12th, make sure to go check the band’s event at the SIXTY SOHO hotel’s Rooftop Bar at 20:00.

The new track was also released with a matching music video.