TikToker Allegedly Exposes Target Black Friday Scam

Are Black Friday sales actually saving us money? A TikTok user put the theory to the test by examining prices at their local Target store.

On Nov. 25, TikTok user @DJDowneyGirl posted a video of her walking around a Target store and checking the price tags on items while comparing them to the Black Friday sale tags.

She first looked at a Samsung television which retailed for $649.99 as a Black Friday deal, but when she pulled out the item’s original retail sign out from underneath the Black Friday price, she allegedly discovered the same exact price.

Another television allegedly retailed for $429.99 both before and during the sale, while a third television originally marked at $329.99 also appeared to be priced for the same amount during the Black Friday sale.

Watch below:

Her initial video received more than 25 million views in less than 24 hours.

The comment section of the viral TikTok was full of mixed reactions.

“I found one where the regular price was lower than Black Friday deal,” one person claimed, while another user shared, “I worked at Target back in 2015 thru [sic] 2020 and it was always like that … Things are on sale a month before Black Friday.”

“Far too many of us have worked retail for us to not check these,” another joked.

“All the ppl [sic] who worked in retail in the past saying this was normal … WHY DIDN’T U TELL US?? Betrayal,” someone else wrote.

In a follow-up video, the user who posted the video explained she was going to purchase some snacks at the store and wanted to see if some of the videos she had seen online claiming Black Friday prices were marked the same or even increased during the sale were actually real.

Meanwhile, other people have allegedly found similar pricing discrepancies at their own local Targets, and have posted their own price comparisons to social media.

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