This Top 10 Kinkiest States List Has Some Shockers

50 States of Grey. Where does your state land?

Of course with a list for everything, it’s not surprising that a Kinkiest States list exists.  Now since my work computer won’t allow me to open and look at the original article from the BedBible website because it’s listed as an adult site luckily the Daily Mail out of the United Kingdom has the info. Or unluckily depending on your state or how you feel about all of this.

I’m so glad my work computer is prohibited from this site because who knows what sort of pop-ups would invade my computer. But I digress.

make love.

Napadon Srisawang


The main rankings are all about how many times there are Google searches for toys and these aren’t the toys you buy your children for their birthday.

According to the Daily Mail, some of these toys are x-rated racy while others are pretty straightforward accessories or items but overall it’s about the number of searches not how kinky the item is.




Should we start with the least kinky?

According to the Daily Mail, this list from BedBilbe which describes itself as a source for product reviews, statistics, and education on sexual wellness, South Dakota ranks the least kinky of them all.

While I was sure Nevada would rank #1 simply because of Las Vegas I was a bit off. Nevada is #2 on this list. Surprisingly, at least to me, the #1 kinkiest state in the country is Georgia.

Here are your Top 10 with two separate ties.

Daily Mail UK

Daily Mail UK


Now I wish I could give you the full list but as you know my work computer won’t allow me to see the full list. Sorry.

If you want to read more and possibly see the full list if your computer allows it then click here for all the info from Daily Mail UK.

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