Karen Salicath Jamali: Crash. Heal. Compose.

karen salicath jamali angel sabrael

Forget labels. Karen Salicath Jamali isn’t a musician or a sculptor; she’s a creative chameleon, flitting between worlds for over 30 years. This Danish-born artist, now a citizen of the NYC-Florida art scene, blends music and visual arts into a symphony that’s both captivating and deeply personal.

Her newest track, “Angel Sabrael,” isn’t just a song on her upcoming album Angel Pollination – it’s a portal. After a head injury and near-death experience in 2012, Jamali’s world shattered. But during her three-year recovery, something incredible bloomed: the ability to play and compose music, a gift that emerged from the wreckage. “Angel Calling,” the album’s opener, is proof of that, a raw reflection of the emotional depths she unearthed.

Angel Sabrael” is an introspective journey. Imagine delicate piano notes raining down, washing over you in calming waves. It’s a space for quiet reflection, a chance to reconnect with yourself and find a sense of peace, almost a spiritual reset button.

Jamali‘s background in painting and sculpture isn’t just decoration; it’s woven into the fabric of her music. The angels that grace her canvases find voice in her melodies, themes of balance and serenity echoing from both mediums. Her visual art career is no less impressive – a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, her sculptures in bronze and glass have graced galleries worldwide, including the Louvre itself.

Karen Salicath Jamali is a demonstration of the boundless human spirit. “Angel Sabrael” isn’t background noise; it’s an invitation to delve into the depths of your own soul, guided by the whispers of the unseen.

Hear the song for yourself below: