The Final Concerts of Late Pop Stars

The too-soon deaths of music’s most iconic musicians — from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain — are infamous and storied. But what about their final performances?

Some stars gave their all during their last concerts before they passed away, while others struggled to perform due to struggles with their health, addiction or exhaustion.

While Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston were criticized for their last official concert performances, their final appearances onstage showcased their true identities as both artists and people. Winehouse showed up for her goddaughter for a sweet duet, while Houston joined a friend and fellow musician onstage for a meaningful, impromptu moment. Both instances brought the singers back to their roots and what motivated them in the first place: the music.

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From Elvis Presley‘s final U.S. concert in the late ’70s to Prince‘s very last tour, these renowned, fallen musicians left an indelible mark on the world and remain immortalized by their electric stage presence and once-in-a-lifetime talents. Their final performances are cherished and remembered by fans to this day.

The Final Concerts of 6 Fallen Pop Icons

Below, here’s what the final concerts were like for six of pop music’s most legendary performers.

Gallery Credit: Taylor Alexis Heady