Teen Disowned After Dad Has Affair With Her Stepsister

A teen on Reddit says she was wrongfully disowned after her father had an affair with her stepsister.

The then-17-year old explained her dad has always been in and out of her life, but was even more disconnected after she moved 400 miles away from her hometown. Then, one day, her phone rang and it was her 42-year-old dad.

“When I answered he was an incoherent blubbering mess. I calmed him down enough to get him to tell me what was going on. His wife had caught him sleeping with my [28-year-old] stepsister. Apparently the affair had been going on a while,” she wrote via Reddit.

“His wife had kicked him out (unsurprisingly) so he was living in his truck … He would not tell me his location and was going on about how he’s ‘left everything in his will to me.’ (Dude hasn’t got anything to leave!). He said he had a bottle of vodka and a load of pills. Then he put the phone down on me!” she continued.

“You can imagine my absolute panic and terror … I had no idea where in the country he was and he’s told me he’s offing himself,” the frustrated young woman added.

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Three hours later, her dad called her back sounding “cheerful.”

“Apparently he called his friend, who managed to talk him out of it. I was livid! He begged me not to tell his wife about it, said he was just being stupid. I agreed, but made him promise not to do that to me again,” she revealed.

However, a week layer, her stepmom called and chewed her out.

“When I answered she went absolutely ballistic … My dad had told her about his little stunt, and told her I knew. She told me that I had broken her heart, that I was the only daughter she had left and I had betrayed her! I was never to contact her again,” she recalled.

“So there I was … 400 miles away from my family … and I got DISOWNED, all the while she’s taken my dad back and forgiven her daughter. Somehow I ended up the villain? Did I do the wrong thing by not telling her? Why’d I end up being the problem? This is just one example of why I ended up needing years of therapy,” she concluded.

In the comments section, one Reddit user reassured the young woman that she was not the problem or at fault.

“You’re definitely not the problem. THEY ALL ARE. Stepmom was definitely taking the frustration out on you. It wasn’t your place to tell her anyway, it was his. Maybe you needed to be that 400 miles away to realize just what kind of people they are,” the reader commented.

“I’m sorry you went through this. But … you are definitely not the villain,” they added.

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