Paranoid Employee Panicking After Lying to Boss

An employee on Reddit is facing a tough dilemma after lying to their boss.

“I did a very silly thing at work and forgot to lock the backdoor to our building. I’m pretty new so when my boss came to me the next morning and asked me about it, I froze and told him I definitely locked it,” the employee wrote on Reddit.

“Well now it’s become a big thing where he thinks someone tried to break in and he’s getting security cameras installed and the ‘attempted break in’ has become a huge story at work. I feel like I’m in way too deep now to tell the truth. Which will most likely cost me my job and reputation,” they continued.

Now, the employee regrets not just coming clean at the beginning.

“I’m hoping this will all blow over and everyone will forget, but every day a lump of guilt comes over me when I walk in. I don’t know what I should do,” they wrote.

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In the comments section, users tried to comfort the employee, with many suggesting they just act like nothing happened.

“I’d just roll with it. Honestly, your work should already have those security measures in place. You did them a favor,” one person wrote.

“Stay quiet and don’t lie again. In the big scheme of things, it’s not that bad and may help him in the long run,” another chimed in.

“Just roll with it. If they call you out just be like ‘well.. I swear I locked it… but I guess it’s possible. I’m sorry if that’s the case.’ Own it without admitting it,” someone else commented.

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