Szarr’s “Reaching for the Sun” Sets The Stage For Personal Empowerment & Musical Innovation

Picture of Szarr "Reaching for the Sun"

Reaching for the Sun,” the latest release by Szarr, explores the challenges confronted by people who feel obliged to compromise their dreams for ordinary jobs. During a recent interview, the singer-songwriter candidly shared personal experiences and insightful observations that served as inspiration for this new single. 

Szarr reflects on a transformative solo trip where he had the freedom to immerse himself in his creative pursuits of writing and music. The harsh truth of financial obligations soon emerged, forcing him to return to his full-time job. This decision left him disheartened and frustrated, yearning for an escape from the monotonous routine. Seeking solace, he sought refuge in his studio, channeling his deepest emotions into the creation of powerful songs like “Reaching for the Sun.”

Through his lyrics, Szarr ignites a spark of motivation and hope within his listeners, urging them to reclaim their personal power and relentlessly pursue their dreams. He firmly believes that discovering and wholeheartedly dedicating oneself to a true passion can unlock boundless happiness and create a ripple effect of positive change, not only for oneself but also for the people in their lives.

The Swiss artist has created an extraordinary and enthralling ambiance within the composition, blending electronic synths, Middle Eastern instruments, and an array of genre influences. Szarr explains that these elements provide him with the freedom to experiment with unconventional sounds and emotions. By mixing various musical styles, he enhances the overall narrative of the song, adding depth and complexity to the message he seeks to convey. 

Recognizing the vitality that nature and freedom brings, Szarr aims to capture their essence in his songs. By incorporating these themes into songs like “Reaching for the Sun,” he invites listeners to embrace the dynamic energy around them and experience a profound sense of aliveness. 

Listen to “Reaching for the Sun” below: