Roskamala Embraces Vulnerability And Finds Peace With Truth She Told

Picture of Roskamala "Truth she told"

Roskamala, the talented singer-songwriter, has recently unveiled her highly anticipated EP, Truth She Told. This remarkable project is a testament to the complexities of the human experience, delving into the gray areas that define our lives. With hidden messages woven throughout, one of the record’s key themes is the acceptance of our imperfections and the understanding that it’s perfectly okay not to be okay. 

The creation of  Truth She Told was a labor of love for Roskamala, as she invested a year and a half in writing music, crafting visuals, and collaborating with a multitude of artists, companies, and creatives who resonated with the EP’s concepts. The authenticity and vulnerability she brings to the project are evident, as she reveals her own personal struggles, secrets, and mistakes, forging a deep connection with her listeners. Through this journey, she encourages her audience to leave negativity behind and embrace positivity, finding happiness and peace within themselves. 

Truth She Told includes “Loving Mess,” “Beautiful Disease,” “Kiss Me Amnesia,” and “Chameleon.” Among the standout tracks on the EP is “Out Of The Maze,” for which a captivating music video is set to be released. Roskamala’s creative vision enriches the overall experience of the clip that explores the lives of misfits, who struggle with fitting into societal norms. Despite their challenges, these characters find solace in embracing their uniqueness and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Listen to Truth She Told below:

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