Narcissist Slammed for Assuming Friend Named Baby After Her

A woman on Reddit was roasted after she shared her assumption that an old friend, Melinda, had named her new baby, Mia, after her.

The woman explained she and Melinda grew apart but still occasionally check in on each other via Facebook. “Recently, Melinda had a baby girl, announcing her name was Amelia but they refer to her as Mia. I found this odd as my name is Mia. I felt as if she were naming her child after me and we didn’t feel close enough for that, plus she didn’t even ask. I said something to a mutual friend of ours who told me they also found it odd,” the woman admitted.

The woman recently brought up her suspicion in person when she ran into Melinda at another friend’s party.

“She was showing me the baby and I half-joked, ‘Yeah, my namesake.’ She gave me an odd look and I said, ‘Her name is Mia… I’m Mia.’ Melinda said her name was Amelia and Mia was a nickname, while my full name is just Mia. I said I understand, but she still had to have named her after me, saying it was odd but cute,” the woman continued.

The new mom explained she actually named her baby girl after her husband’s mother.

“I nodded and she was clearly annoyed. She asked why I assumed I named the baby after her. I said it was just a weird coincidence and seemed like something she would do. Melinda said, ‘You’re not important enough for me to name a baby after.’ I told her that was rude and she said, ‘So is trying to imply she’s odd because her baby and I have the same name,'” the woman concluded.

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Users in the comments section blasted the woman for assuming the baby was named after her, with many calling her “narcissistic.”

“You’re not the only Mia. Mia isn’t even that unusual of a name; it’s like the 8th most common name for a baby girl right now. Spoiler: if a friend picked a name because of you, they’d tell you. That she didn’t, and that you’ve grown apart, should be a big indication that it had nothing to do with you,” one person wrote.

“Pretty obvious why they grew apart now as well,” another chimed in.

“Grow up and stop being self-centered,” someone else advised.

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