Florida ‘Booty Patrol’ Pulled Over, Cited for Using Police Lights

A man in Florida was pulled over and cited for impersonating police after officers noticed he was driving a truck that looked like an official border patrol vehicle. The side of the truck read: “Booty Patrol.”

NBC reports the man was pulled over in DeSoto County on Oct. 29 for violating a law prohibiting the use of red and blue lights on personal vehicles as they resemble law enforcement vehicle lighting.

The DeSoto Country Sheriff’s Office shared pictures of the truck — a white Chevy Silverado featuring green decals and the phrase “Booty Patrol” — on their official Facebook page to raise awareness about drivers who might be attempting to impersonate law enforcement.

“We made the post for awareness and for anyone to come forward who may have been pulled over by this individual. He was not arrested, but has been given a citation for using the police lights,” Nichole Celotto, public information coordinator for the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office, said in a statement to Fox News.

“It’s not just happening here in DeSoto County, but in several other counties across Florida as well,” police officials wrote on Facebook.

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Naturally, the post went viral on Facebook, and users shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“Is this page satire or are you guys just a joke?” one person commented under the photos shared by the DeSoto Country Sheriff’s Office.

“This guy wins Halloween,” another wrote.

“Not all heroes wear capes!” someone else commented.

“Mannnn just let them patrol the booty,” another user joked.

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