Lux Beauregard’s Debut Single “Fireworks” Will Make You Feel Fireworks In Your Stomach

Promising singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard’s debut single “Fireworks” truly has the name matching the feeling that it spreads among those who hear it. The song showcases the full palette of Lux’s abilities and talent. Her genre capabilities seem to be infinite as the artist shares her multidimensional vocals in “Fireworks,” mixing beautifully crafted pop, indie, and rock elements in the production. Her beautifully enchanting voice, otherworldly charisma, delicate manners, purity, and sincere devotion to her passion make her irresistible. She manages to put utmost saintliness and sensuality in the release. When in the world we live in, the two characteristics never match; in Lux Beauregard’s musical world, they are created for one another. Give you a chance to discover something universally unique and check “Fireworks.” It gave a perfect taste of the artist’s capabilities and vision.