Katy Perry Reveals ‘Smile’ Album Artwork: See Her Upcoming Album Cover

Katy Perry is ready to make fans Smile with her upcoming new album, which comes complete with cheery carnival-themed album artwork.

On the cover for her new album, the pop star poses as a sad clown (complete with red nose and frown) while wearing an oversized checkered dress. Underneath, the word "Smile" is splayed in big, chunky bubble letters. See the cover for Smile, below:

Perry and her record label, Capitol Records, first teased a circus/carnival theme for her upcoming fifth studio album (sixth including her Christian debut album, Katy Hudson) with a fan promo activity Wednesday (July 8).

The social media gimmick encouraged fans to "pop balloons" in an online game and help reveal the album cover by tweeting about the campaign. (The more tweets fans sent, the more "balloons" would be "popped.")

Katy Perry's fifth studio album, Smile, is reportedly due out August 14. Previously released tracks "Daisies" and "Never Really Over" will be on the album.