Imisc Explores The Multiple Depths Of Electronic Music Through New Release “Love Me Too”

The new release by the already well known German producer Imisc, “Love Me Too,” explores the electro sound in entirely new dimensions for the genre. The Munich-based artist blends explosive pop with soothing R&B elements in electro soundscapes, creating an emotional rollercoaster through sound. 

After his previous drop, “Dancing Baby,” it was evident that Imisc is a musical genius searching for new and exciting sonorities at all time. It is hard to believe that he may settle down with some sound one day and stop going further with his bold experiments. 

“Love Me Too” represents the vision of Imisc’s unsettling soul: he will go further, and restlessly imagine new dimensions of electro sounds. The emotional atmosphere he creates through music is also reflected in his lyricism. Listening to him, you will feel a unique state of mind where you are fine despite all your problems thrown in your face. 

The Munich-based producer writes about love, hate, trust, disobedience, disappointment, separation. Basic human emotions are the core of his art, and they will make you feel both understood and not alone.