Geri Halliwell Reveals New Spice Name

Geri Halliwell would like to be known as Golden Spice.

The 51-year-old pop star shot to fame as part of the Spice Girls in the 1990s along with Mel B (Scary Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) as well as Melanie C (Sporty Spice) and received the nickname Ginger Spice from the press because of her flaming red hair but revealed that she wants to switch up her moniker these days as she enters a new chapter in life as the author of Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen.

She told Elle: “[These days], I’d be Golden Spice. I feel like this is a new chapter in my life, it feels timeless. It feels good. It feels gold.”

The “Mi Chico Latino” hit-maker famously wore her Union Jack dress, a Gucci number with a kitchen tea towel stitched onto the front, during the Spice Girls’ performance of “Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are” at the 1997 BRIT Awards but revealed that if she could only keep one outfit from her heyday, it would be the white coat she wore to switch on the Oxford Street Christmas lights the year earlier.

She said: “If I could only wear on Ginger Spice outfit for the rest of my life it would be this cream coat that I wore when I turned on the Oxford Street lights.

“It’s very Gangster’s Moll looking, and it’s vintage. But it looks very Yves Saint Laurent. It didn’t cost me a lot of money. I love it for two [reasons]: you always feel stylish and also, I hate being cold. It’s my worst thing. If I’m cold, I can’t stand it.”

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