Family Therapist Fired After Asking for Tips

A parent on Reddit revealed they fired their family’s therapist after she boldly suggested she receive a $20 tip per session.

“My ex and I have a [12-year-old] boy who’s going through some things. We found a therapist and we’ve been seeing her for a couple of years. It hasn’t been life changing for me in any way. In fact, it became more of a pointless chore like making your bed or folding your underwear. I might have gotten a few things out of it but would not do it again,” the parent wrote.

“A few weeks ago, I had told our therapist that it’s bizarre to not have to worry about money for the first time in my life. I make good money and don’t have many bills. I’m saving like $1,000 a month,” they continued on Reddit.

Not long after the parent shared that personal financial information, the therapist suddenly asked them to begin making an additional “co-payment.”

“I don’t have a co-payment because my insurance covers 100 [percent] of therapy sessions. I explained that to her. She said that was true but maybe I could start paying like $20 cash because she’s not making a lot with what my insurance pays her. Like a tip,” they explained.

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The parent was shocked she would ask for a tip. “I said ‘and I suppose this has no relation to my telling you that I had disposable income from a few weeks ago?’ She said of course not. It was like she was asking for a raise lol. I said I’d think about it,” they wrote.

After doing some research and finding nothing about “tipping” one’s therapist, the parent told their ex they were planning to fire the therapist.

“She told me not to throw away [two] years of work and I said this therapist tried taking advantage of me. She offered to pay and I said I’m not stopping you but I’m not doing the sessions anymore and neither is our son. The trust I had in our therapist is forever broken,” the parent continued.

“I left a voicemail and text message explaining we weren’t in need of services anymore. I haven’t heard back,” they concluded.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the parent, with many suggesting they report the therapist.

“I’d contact your insurance company. They’ll probably want to drop her entirely if they find out about this,” one person wrote.

“If the therapist is registered with any type of governing body I would report them. Like I’m a nurse and registered with my provincial College of Nurses. It’s unethical for any health care provider to ask for any type of gratuity and if I did so I would/should be reported and lose my license to practice,” another shared.

“I am a social worker, and we are not allowed to accept any tips, let alone ask for them. This certainly should be reported as it is highly unethical,” someone else chimed in.

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