EMT Responds to Seizure Patient Who Underwent Exorcism

A paramedic’s TikTok is going viral for sharing the story of how she was called to attend to a patient who underwent an exorcism.

TikTok user @LightsSirensAction posted a video earlier this month about the story that has received over three million views so far. She recalled that she was dispatched to attend to a middle aged woman who was having a seizure. When she and the ambulance arrived, they were not allowed to go into the woman’s home until it was deemed safe for the medical personnel to enter.

When the team was given the all clear to enter, the first paramedic on site told them that the patient’s body “contorted into a way that was just simply not human.” The paramedic also pointed out that there was a man dressed in a full suit holding a bible while the patient hissed and growled at them.

“There was a freaking exorcism going on before we arrived,” the TikToker said. She explained that the patient was chanting in an unintelligible language before the paramedic sedated her.

“It was something that only nightmares were made of,” she admitted. When the patient woke up around the time that they brought her to the hospital, she said that she was going to “take her children to a bloody river.”

@LightsSirenAction posted a follow-up TikTok after the story went viral and shared that she never knew what became of the patient. The last encounter she had with her was when she dropped her off at the hospital several years ago, when the incident occured.

The EMT noted that though she was scared, she made sure to treat the patient with “kindness and respect.” She added, “Just because you find a situation unnerving doesn’t mean you’re unable to do your job,”

Surprisingly, other medical professionals commented about similar experiences that they have witnessed with patients involved in paranormal and/or exorcisms. An ER nurse claimed that she witnessed an exorcism in the hospital after a fellow nurse was brought in by her husband.

“I’m an ER doc. 100% walked into an attempted exorcism a year and a half ago,” another user wrote in the comment section.

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