Do You Know Which Ads They Were in Before They Were Famous?

Hollywood is a difficult industry to break into—and like any field of work, one must start small. For actors, that could mean taking bit parts in TV episodes or being an extra in a movie. But one common gig for anyone aspiring to make it big in Hollywood is appearing in a commercial. The job commitment is short, the exposure is high, and the opportunities are infinite.

Names we now know as Oscar, Emmy, and Tony winners starred in commercials years before they became prolific actors. Thanks to the internet, several of these commercials — some even as early as the 1970s — are still accessible to the masses. There’s a novelty to watching the leading man of a multi-million dollar superhero franchise in a grainy ad for a 1980s video game console.

To celebrate those humble beginnings, Stacker looked back at 25 actors who had prominent parts in commercials before ascending to stardom—but with a playful twist to test your celebrity know-how. You’ll be challenged to name the star who was in an ad for a well-known brand based on a couple of hints about what they might be known for now.

Can you guess them all?

Commercials Actors Were in Before They Were Famous

Before they were famous, many celebrities did commercials. Stacker challenges you to guess the ads that helped launch 25 actors’ careers.

Gallery Credit: Stacker