Colombian Star In The Making Pariz Noir Distills Dark R&B Vibes On Latest – “Save Yourself”

Colombian star in the making, dark R&B music artist Pariz Noir just recently released her latest single, the sublime song “Save Yourself.” Distilling her signature dark R&B vocals, the US-based singer-songwriter displays one of her best songs to date, most probably thanks to the very intimate story she conveyed through the lyrics. She shares the story of her own relationships, one she described in an interview with Real Street Radio as: “a very bittersweet time in my life with a girl who truly loved me and who I truly loved but that unfortunately as life is, things weren’t meant to last. We both were what we needed at that time and we both taught each other a lot but as far as the relationship goes, we weren’t right for each and led two completely different lifestyles later resulting in us parting ways.“ 

Pariz Noir describes her sound as “Dark R&B with a subtle twist of electronic and a kiss of dancehall,” an original mix bringing together far apart genres into one cohesive soundscape, beautifully amplified by her very special vocal performing skills.  She is currently working on her upcoming EP, so stay tuned for the latest updates from Pariz Noir!