Buscrates Brings the G-Funk on Soulful "How Ya Gonna Do It"

Buscrates is Pittsburgh producer who draws inspiration from the classic 1990s G-funk sound in hip-hop and the boogie and disco dance music of the 1970s. From those threads joined to a Brainfeeder Records aesthetic, Buscrates creates modern dance tunes based in some of the most loved eras of Black American music. His modern funk approach is one shared by Dâm-Funk and other luminaries of the Los Angeles alternative R&B community. Buscrates’ latest album is Blasting Off, releasing 2 October on Bastard Jazz. “How Ya Gonna Do It” is his latest single and features the soulful vocals of Kate Moe Dee. If only the clubs could re-open, this number would be filling the dancefloors.