Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani’s Xmas Was a Sumptuous Carb-Fest

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani typically go all-out on holiday decor and celebrations, so it only makes sense that their Christmas menu was just as decadent.

Homemade stuffed pasta shells and a custom decorated gingerbread house were both on the menu, but the star of the show was a Christmas staple that’s pretty unique to the Shelton-Stefani household. The couple carried on their annual family tradition of cooking an Italian timpano pasta dome for Christmas.

The story behind this dish dates back to the early days of their relationship: When Shelton and Stefani were dating, they got into the habit of cooking new and complicated menu items during special days together — and this particular recipe was one they liked so much it became a Christmas mainstay.

“It’s basically like a lasagna, but in a dome form, either in a bread or in a pasta,” Stefani explained to Entertainment Tonight earlier in December. “So we started doing that a few years ago, and now that’s the thing.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one kitchen mishap — and this year, it was Stefani who let the bottom of the pasta dome brown for just a little bit too long.

“Everything was going right until I put it back in [the oven],” the singer says in a video she posted to social media documenting the cooking process. Behind her, Shelton shakes his head in joking disapproval.

Pasta dome drama aside, Stefani and Shelton’s meal ultimately came out of the oven without a hitch, and the family sat down to their annual epic carb-fest. Press play on the video above to watch all the holiday fun, including a glimpse into how Stefani’s three sons celebrated Christmas, along with some other family members including Stefani’s dad.

Ahead of the holiday, Stefani admitted that her family’s timpano pasta dome might not necessarily be the most authentic version of the dish.

“Probably some Italians might get mad about this, because typically it would be a pasta wrapped around it, but we started to do it with pizza dough because it tastes yummy,” the singer recounts to Entertainment Tonight. “And I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll make the dough myself this year.’ Which would be a lot on Christmas Day, because…it’s a whole day thing, but I might do it. I might actually make it the day before. We’ll see what happens.”

Stefani also promised that she would “definitely put it on Instagram,” and sure enough, from the looks of the video she posted, it seems that Stefani’s pizza dough was likely homemade.

The cross-genre musical star couple also celebrated the holidays by mailing out a family Christmas card. Though they celebrated Christmas together, Stefani and Shelton are going their separate ways on New Year’s Eve: He’s playing Nashville’s Big Bash, a concert special airing on CBS, and she’s performing in Las Vegas.

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