Wisemary Ignites the Rock Scene with Their Latest Song, “Drunk Cigarette”

wisemary Drunk Cigarette

In the heart of St. Louis, a city pulsating with blues, alternative rock, and hip-hop, emerges Wisemary, a band that has rapidly carved out a niche for itself in the all-American rock landscape. With the release of their latest single, Drunk Cigarette,” Wisemary solidifies their status as a dynamic force in the rock genre, offering listeners a raw and emotive musical experience.

Wisemary, originally known for their soulful renditions of classic rock covers, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Under the mentorship of Grammy-nominated superproducer Carl Nappa and his record label, the band has developed a sound that resonates with authenticity and originality. This transformation is a testament to their two years of dedication win the studio, culminating in their self-titled debut album, set to release in 2024.

The group comprises Zach Rehagen, the compelling lead vocalist; Ryan Litteken on bass guitar; Carson Kilo with his electrifying lead guitar; Andrew Martin dominating the drums; and Evan Gay weaving rhythm guitar lines. Their journey began in high school, where a shared passion for classic rock fused them into a cohesive unit. Since then, they have captivated local audiences with their electrifying performances across various bars and clubs.

Drunk Cigarette wisemary

“Drunk Cigarette,” the latest addition to their growing repertoire, is a song that encapsulates the essence of rock with a modern twist. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of addiction and regret, metaphorically likened to a cigarette craved in inebriation. The song’s narrative is raw and relatable, resonating with anyone who has experienced the turmoil of a consuming relationship. With lines like “I love you like a drunk cigarette” and “Wake up in the morning with the taste of regret,” the song’s emotional depth is palpable.

The band’s influences range from Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson to bands like Fleetwood Mac, My Chemical Romance, and Foo Fighters. This eclectic blend of inspirations is evident in their music, which is both diverse and deep, reflecting their individual musical backgrounds and their city’s rich musical heritage.

Their performances are a testament to their energy and synergy, with memorable gigs at Arrowhead during a festival, thousands enthralled at St. Louis’s Grub and Groove festival, and a show alongside The Urge at The Pageant. Each performance is a showcase of their ability to captivate and energize their audience.

Their debut single, “Won’t Bow Down,” was a reflection of the anxiety and pressure they faced at the beginning of their career. It’s a song that embodies the band’s essence—a mix of raw, gritty elegance, unpredictable yet compelling. “Drunk Cigarette” continues this narrative, offering listeners a glimpse into the soul of a band unafraid to explore the complexities of human emotion and experience.

As Wisemary continues to ascend in the rock world, their music remains a vibrant and honest expression of their journey. “Drunk Cigarette” is not just a song; it’s an experience, a journey through the highs and lows of life, encapsulated in a melody that stays with you long after the last note has faded. With their debut album on the horizon, Wisemary is a band to watch, as they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the rock music scene.

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