Artist, Composer, Producer: Laszlo Jones’ New Hit “In The Morning”

“In The Morning” by Laszlo Jones presents a hazy yet upbeat escape from reality—perfect for a calm and rainy afternoon. Taking you on a trip through time packed with sentiment and allure all the while commenting on life’s tragic events, Jones’ spectacular talents are on display for the world to see. 

The Beirut-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Laszlo Jones, real name Gilles Jan Petersen, released the music video for “In The Morning,” —a track from his forthcoming album Beyond The Door. The scenes are vividly creative and perfectly complementing the lyrics as well as the overall melody. It displays genuine storytelling capabilities offering a rather powerful and contagious message. Laszlo Jones boasts the disparity between the outrage of the night and the calmness of mornings.

Laszlo Jones’ hallucinatory outlook of the world and a modernistic dark path perfectly summarize his ability to produce a free and uncategorizable track. As the video flashes authentic and chilling images, the viewer is transported to poetically conscious reality.