‘American Idol’ Contestant Reunites With Birth Family: WATCH

The new season of American Idol is already shaping up to be an emotional ride. In a sneak preview, contestant McKenna Breinholt has an unexpected reunion with her birth family in the middle of her audition.

The video starts with the Gilbert, Ariz., native sharing a bit about her family. When judge Katy Perry asks her if anyone in her family is musically inclined, Breinholt reveals she is adopted. She learned of the adoption at a young age, and when she turned 21, she asked to be told everything she could learn about her birth family. Since then, she has been in contact with a few family members, but had never met them in person.

That is, until her American Idol audition. Watch it unfold below.

After delivering a moving rendition of “There Was Jesus” by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton on the piano, the judges ask Breinholt to bring her family in for their final ruling. Little did the 25-year-old know, her adopted parents had invited her birth family to their daughter’s audition.

Breinholt doubled over with emotion when she opened the door and realized who was standing in the hallway with host Ryan Seacrest.

The moment shocked the judges and even brought Perry to tears.

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Fans will have to wait until the new season begins to learn Breinhart’s fate, though it’s a safe bet she’ll be headed to Hollywood. Historically, bringing an emotional, heart-tugging story to your audition is a good way to encourage a Golden Ticket.

A new season of American Idol begins Sunday, Feb. 18, on ABC.

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