Addison Rae’s TikTok Restored After Getting Hacked and Deleted

Social media personality Addison Rae's TikTok account was hacked and deleted temporarily.

The hacker(s) changed her account's name to “joeandzak1” and changed her bio to “plugwalkjoe zak n crippin” on Friday (August 14). Rae's account boasts 55.6 million followers with over 3.3 billion favorites and is the second most popular account on the platform.

Because of the hack, TikTok banned her account for violations of their community guidelines, according to a screenshot from the TikTok Shade Room Instagram account.

Rae addressed the hack via Twitter. "My TikTok is hacked :(” she wrote and added, "Why am I crying?" She quickly began trending on Twitter and shared a resource of links with major issues going on in the world and how people can help.

Hours later, her account was restored and she gained control over the account once again. Her username was changed back to "addisonre" without a profile image or bio.

See her tweets, below.

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