Woodii Releases A Magical New Production Titled “In My Sleep”

Household techno triumph Woodii is on fire with his latest amazing new song called “In My Sleep,” a track that’s packed with sensational beats, hard-hitting sequences and mesmerizing rhythms that’s even heightened by the powerful beat drop. 

As a renown traveler, Woodii is the kind of person who likes to discover new cultures, experience different settings and be around new people at all times, a formula he uses to not only have a great life, but he also uses it to create his own music. By taking inspiration from different cultures and experiences, the talented DJ manages to create unbelievably well-composed tracks that inherit various musical elements from those places.

The song “In My Sleep” is a testimony to Woodii’s ever growing talent as one of the hottest prospects of EDM and Techno. With a versatile set of skills, the musician is able to create any kind of electronic music, but he’s mostly known for his powerful beat drops, which can be heard instantly in his latest single “In My Sleep.”

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