Woman Unknowingly Had Sex with Ex’s Twin Brother

A woman caused a stir on Reddit by sharing she unknowingly had sex with her ex-boyfriend’s twin brother.

“When I was in college, I had sex with my then-boyfriend almost every day. But after a few months I noticed something strange. Some parts of his body kept changing. And also his penis looked somehow different one day than the day before,” she wrote.

“I never talked about it because I thought I was just imagining things. After 7 months we separated because we had different ideas about our future,” the woman continued on Reddit.

Two years later, she saw him sitting in a coffee shop with another gentleman.

“I went over and he introduced his twin brother. He looked exactly the same! As I walked on and thought about it for a moment I got dizzy and even threw up. I slept with 2 men for 7 months without knowing it,” she concluded.

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Users in the comments were shocked and horrified by the woman’s story, though some shared similar stories.

“This is pretty cut and dry … the brother misled her into thinking he was his twin. Consent under false pretenses (presence of birth control, being STI negative, etc.) is not consent,” one person wrote.

“It’s kinda weird she didn’t notice. Identical twins aren’t identical. Nature and nurture. Plus, even identical twins oftentimes have differences in genetics due to very early mutations. So they are never 100 %the same. Especially their personality is oftentimes different,” another chimed in.

“I went to school with twins. The first week they decided to swap classes around to see which teacher they liked. They got caught on day two. It turns out one of the teachers was a twin,” someone else commented.

“Had identical twins in high school who would take tests for each other. One was great in math and one was better in history. They would swap shirts in the … they never, ever dressed the same. I do not believe they were ever caught,” another user shared.

“There should be a ‘seduction through deception’ crime,” someone else wrote.

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