Woman Refuses to Change Wedding Date for Sister-in-Law’s Due Date

A woman on Reddit is standing her ground and refusing to make changes to her wedding date.

In her post, the woman shares that she has been planning her wedding for over a year and that they picked a date that was special to her and her fiancé. Additionally, she shared that everything was already set, including: venues and caterers.

“Here’s where it gets complicated. My brother and his wife recently announced they’re expecting their first child. We’re all thrilled, but the due date is very close to my wedding date. At first, I didn’t think much of it – babies have their own timing, right?” the woman revealed.

However, her sister-in-law approached her and asked if they could move the wedding date.

“But last week, my sister-in-law approached me, asking if I could consider moving the wedding date. She explained that she’s worried about either going into labor at my wedding or being too close to the due date to attend. She’s also concerned about travel, as they live a few hours away,” the woman said.

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She empathizes with her sister-in-law, but she said changing the date is almost “impossible.”

“I understand her concerns, but changing the date now seems almost impossible. It’s not just about losing deposits and coordinating with vendors; many of our guests have made travel plans, some even coming from overseas. My fiancé and I are also emotionally attached to our date,” she continued.

“My family is divided. My parents think I should try to accommodate my sister-in-law, considering it’s a significant life event for her too. But my friends say it’s unfair to expect me to change everything for something that’s not within anyone’s control,” the woman furthered.

She said that she is “torn” about the situation and that she wants her brother and his wife involved in the wedding.

“I’m torn. On one hand, I want my brother and his wife to be part of my special day. On the other, it feels unreasonable to overhaul our plans, incurring financial loss and inconvenience to many,” she said before asking if she is in the wrong.

People in the comments section agreed with the woman that she is not in the wrong about the situation.

“Nta life happens. Too much has been planned and paid for to make changes for one person,” one person said.

“NTA, their request is ridiculous,” another person shared.

“I, personally, don’t think you need to go through the expense of changing your date. What if something else comes up for the new date? SIL may need to just sit this one out,” someone else commented.

“Your wedding has been planned for over a year, and changing the date at this stage would not only be a logistical nightmare but also unfair to you and your fiancé,” someone else shared.

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