Woman on TikTok Exposes Her Alleged Relationship With Zayn

A woman on TikTok has gone viral exposing her alleged relationship with Zayn Malik.

Sam Fisher, 33, claims Zayn, 31, found her Instagram account using her Tinder profile before they began texting each other.

She claims Zayn, who was single at the time, sent photos and that they video chatted to confirm his identity before engaging in a consensual, friends-with-benefits-type sexual relationship with each other.

“At the time I figured it would be a one and done thing,” Sam says of their first alleged meeting, adding their relationship continued longer than she anticipated.

After Sam told Zayn that she was bisexual and had previously been in a relationship with a woman, he allegedly began asking her if they could have a threesome, which she agreed to.

However, Sam claims that while trying to locate other girls for her and Zayn to hook up with, the former One Direction star became annoyed and impatient when she told him it would be difficult to find someone without divulging his identity, and accused her of trying to find someone to see solo.

“We’re done here. We’re done. It’s a huge turnoff that you’re nervous,” the woman claims Zayn told her via text.

In another instance, Zayn allegedly became upset when a woman Sam had arranged for them to have a threesome with backed out at the last minute due to personal health-related reasons.

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The canceled threesome sparked an argument between the two over text message.

“He doubled down that I was in the wrong and that I was disrespectful to him and that I was on some kind of power trip,” Sam claims.

The pair continued to argue about the dynamics and miscommunication in their alleged relationship, and eventually they agreed to end things after Sam admitted she had “caught feelings” for the musician.

According to alleged text messages seen in one video, Zayn’s final messages to her were, “Guess that’s the end of this” and “Have a good one,” while Sam wrote back, “I was trying to do this for you, you weren’t making it that easy.”

Zayn has not responded to Sam’s accusations as of publishing.

It’s important to note that Sam has not accused Zayn of any illegal, abusive or non-consensual behavior during their alleged relationship with each other.

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