Woman Mortified After Child Finds Adult Toy in Friend’s Bathroom

A woman on Reddit says her best friend of nearly 20 years is furious with her after the friend’s young daughter stumbled upon a sex toy while visiting her house.

“I was out of town for five days over the Fourth of July, and paid her to feed my two cats while I was gone. (I’ve done this for her family and their dog in the past too.) She was being really terse and short with me after I got back, and I kept asking if something was wrong, but she wouldn’t admit to it. Until we met in person a couple days later so I could get my keys back, and then she exploded,” she wrote.

“There’s no way to sugarcoat this, so I’ll just say it: I left an adult ‘toy’ in the shower. I’m a single lady, I live by myself, and it doesn’t even look like that; it’s one of those stylized ones that if you’re an adult, you’ll definitely know what it is, but let’s say you’re a three year old? You’ll have no idea. (It’s also bright purple if that makes a difference ha ha),” the woman continued on Reddit, explaining the little girl stumbled upon the adult toy while “messing around in the bathroom.”

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“Being in the question phase of life she asked her mom what’s that? My friend told her it’s a toy. And left it at that. But apparently she was shocked and mortified that her daughter had been exposed to such a thing at such a young age. I thought she was overreacting, but I still apologized [and] figured that was it,” the woman continued.

Unfortunately, her friend is “still mad.”

“I guess her daughter will still get into the tub and point out how she has bath toys, and auntie … also has bath toys,” she continued, adding her friend is now “terrified” the 3-year-old will tell her in-laws all about the toy when they vacation together in the near future.

“I told her she doesn’t have to explain anything, she can just make something up like,’Oh I gave her some bath toys or something.’ This is not the big deal she is making it out to be. Now she says I am being insensitive to her feelings,” she wrote.

The woman concluded by calling the drama the “stupidest argument” she’s ever had.

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Users in the comments section suggested the woman’s friend overreacted and should have explained the situation differently to her daughter.

“The daughter had no right or reason to be in your bathroom. What if you kept your toy hidden away somewhere in your bedroom and the daughter found it,” one person wrote.

“I would understand the friend if [you] rigged the toy to drop from the ceiling upon opening the door so it hangs right in your face… but it’s in a non conspicuous place where her daughter shouldn’t have been in alone anyways,” another commented.

“Your friend failed to intelligently answer that question. You don’t call it a toy, you say it’s a ‘stress remover, it gives massages, but we don’t touch other people’s things, right?’ … As you pointed out, she continues to fail at finding an imaginative explanation. Worse [sic] of all, her kid has no idea, so this can easily be a funny/embarrassing story to tell, but she’s turning it into drama,” someone else weighed in.

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