11-Year-Old Millionaire Planning Joint Retirement-Birthday Party

This 11-year-old is way ahead of the game.

Pixie Curtis — the CEO of her own toy company, Pixie’s Fidgets, as well as Pixie’s Bows and Pixie’s Pix — is planning her 12th birthday party in conjunction with her retirement party.

Mom Roxy Jacenko helped the pre-teen millionaire launch her business in 2021, and after experiencing major success, the tween is stepping away to focus on school rather than entrepreneurship.

In an Instagram video posted on July 16, Pixie let viewers in on the preparation for her party as she showed off luxury gift bags for her party guests.

The bags include skincare products and lip treatments worth more than $50, according to the New York Post.

“Oh wow! For my 12th, I had a McDonald’s party back in the day. How things have changed,” one person commented on Pixie’s Instagram, which has over 130,000 followers.

Pixie’s business began with selling bows — which have celebrity fans including North West, Suri Cruise and more — before expanding to fidget toys, such as fidget spinners and push-pop toys.

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The mini millionaire, who hails from Australia, often shares her adventures as a kid business owner on her social media, such as meeting Vogue icon Anna Wintour.

According to the Post, Pixie earns more than $133,000 a month and even owns her own Mercedes-Benz car even though she cannot drive it yet.

With massive success at such a young age, her 12th birthday-meets-retirement party is set to be a huge bash for the kid millionaire. Her last birthday party was also headline-making, as her mom defended throwing Pixie a $40,000 party for her 11th birthday.

“What people don’t realize is [that] it was a celebration of not only her 11th birthday but her business,” Pixie’s mother said during an appearance on the Today Show Australia.

“I guess, yes, it’s very extravagant. No, I’m not low-key,” her mom joked.

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