Woman Leaves Date After Finding Out Man Lied About His Age

A woman on Reddit made up an excuse to leave quickly after realizing her date lied about his age.

“I met a guy online, claimed to be four years older than me but no big deal, I’m 24. We were interested in the same things and got along well. So we decided to meet for a drink last weekend,” she wrote.

“I went to the bar and was looking for him, then I saw him but he looked different, older. I went over and met him and said he looks different than his picture. He said, ‘Oh yeah those pictures are a few years old.’ I said, ‘But you’re 28 right?’ He said he was actually 42 ‘but age is just a number,'” the woman continued.

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The woman “got the ick” and quickly made up an excuse to leave, telling her date she left her phone in the car. She then left him at the restaurant.

“He messaged me asking where I was and I said I went home, that I’m not into older guys or being lied to. He said I was shallow and that’s why he doesn’t say his real age. Honestly I thought the whole thing was funny, so I told my friend,” she recalled.

Her friend told her she was “mean for just leaving” her date behind, and that “maybe he was a nice guy” and she was “being judgmental because of his age.”

“I’m not into guys that much older. People can do what they want, but it’s not for me,” the woman concluded.

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Users backed the woman in the comments section.

“He had it coming. Misrepresent yourself like that and you get what you get. It was totally your choice to stay or go. It’s all fair,” one person wrote.

“I wish more young women would treat these creepy old men like this. Your friend needs to worry more about why she thinks it appropriate to encourage women to allow lying old guys to take advantage of them, rather than calling them on their manipulative shit. Find new friends,” another chimed in.

“Nope. He lied to you. You should feel great, you’re strong enough to just walk right out. No explanation needed,” someone else commented.

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