Woman Furious She’s Not Maid of Honor at Brother’s Wedding

A man on Reddit says his sister is furious she wasn’t asked to be the maid of honor at his upcoming wedding, especially because she introduced the couple getting married.

“I am getting married to the love of my life this November. We met in college and dated seriously afterwards. My sister ‘Mia’ introduced us, as she was my sister’s best friend. My sister really helped us when I had a fight with my fiancée [three] years ago about our plans for children. It’s no exaggeration to say my sister is the reason my fiancée and I are still together,” he wrote.

“However, fast forward to our wedding planning… We of course asked my sister to be a bridesmaid, she is one of the most important people in our lives. She has been a rock,” the groom-to-be continued on Reddit, explaining his sister countered that she should be the maid of honor, as “she feels without her there would be no wedding at all.”

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“She wants to wear a white dress and stand at my fiancée’s side during the vows. To be clear she is not trying to be my bride, she just wants the role of the matchmaker. I can’t deny she was truly important in my relationship, but I felt this was a step too far,” the groom shared.

The groom’s friends and family are split on the idea, but he thinks it would be “weird” to have his sister, dressed in white, standing next to him during the wedding.

“I tried to ask her if she would be content with a ‘lesser’ role, but she said she played such an important part in our relationship that she deserves the recognition. This has caused some friction with my fiancée and me,” he added. “She thinks it would be fine to have my sister ‘dress up however she wants’ but I still think it would be strange and I can’t shake the feeling my sister is overstepping some boundaries,” he concluded.

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Users in the comments backed the man, with many suggesting he tell his sister to back off.

“Your sister needs to back off. Wearing a white dress is super uncomfortable, and your feelings on looking like you’re marrying your sister are valid and worthy of recognition by fiancée and said sister! You need to be clear about why it makes you uncomfortable if you haven’t already. Your own preferences about your wedding come before your sisters need to ‘dress however she wants.’ If she wants that level of recognition for being a good friend and sister, she needs to learn some humility. The day is about you and fiancée, not her,” one person wrote.

“So, it’s OK to have 2 MOHs. But absolute no to the white dress. NOT her wedding. It’s just weird,” another chimed in.

“Your fiancée gets to choose her MOH, not your sister. Explain you are grateful and will recognize her in other ways. Wearing white and standing next to the bride is just strange. You and fiancée can be kind and firm. Tell her no,” someone else commented.

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