Woman Fakes Pregnancy to Win Back Ex, Harasses New Fling

A man on Reddit claims his ex fabricated an elaborate pregnancy story to try to get him back, as well as harassed his new friend with benefits.

After his relationship with his ex ended, she allegedly declared she was pregnant and started interfering in his relationship with his new fling, Erin.

“So, Nicole, my ex, ended up emailing Erin’s … boss (she found the company on her LinkedIn and then mass-emailed everyone). She wrote that we are engaged and have a baby on the way, and told Erin’s employee to tell Erin to leave our family alone! Erin called me crying. Luckily, her company didn’t fire her, but she was pretty embarrassed. She showed me the email,” he wrote.

“I decided to meet with Nicole in person and stay calm to see if I can go to the doctor with her. When we met, I asked how far along she is. She said she doesn’t know exactly,” the man continued on Reddit.

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He told his ex they should get an “ultrasound” to figure out how far along she was.

“She said the doctor won’t see her until at least three months. I asked how that’s possible, and she got mad, saying it doesn’t make a difference. She accused me of being a selfish narcissist and said she hates all of us, mentioning [her co-worker] Josh,” he shared.

The man’s ex then broke down crying, admitting she had been having an affair with Josh on and off during their former relationship.

“She broke up with me hoping she could be with Josh, but he only wanted random hookups. That’s why she made up the whole pregnancy story, saying, ‘I realized that I still love you! I want to be with you forever.’ I asked her to confirm that she’s not pregnant, and she screamed, ‘NO, I’M NOT BUT DIDN’T YOU HEAR THAT I STILL LOVE YOU?’ I left!” he detailed.

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Users in the comments section roasted the man’s ex, with many suggesting he take legal action.

“Dude, your ex is crazy bonkers. Since she’s already proven how psycho she can be, watch your back. If you even think she might have access to your home or any financial or account passwords, change them. Consider getting some security cams,” one person wrote.

“[He] needs a restraining order from his ex ASAP. Her emailing his FWB’s [friend with benefits] entire company (nearly getting her fired) is legal status for harassment,” another commented.

“Yeah, this is not done. You might have to get an RO [restraining order] on her! Better let people around you know of her shenanigans! Friends, family and work,” someone else chimed in.

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