Wilco Share New Song “Tell Your Friends” and Performed it on “Stephen Colbert”

Last night, Wilco performed their uplifting new single “Tell Your Friends” for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The purchases of the song, which is exclusively on Bandcamp, will go to World Central Kitchen, an organization who provides meals in the wake of natural disasters. Additionally, lead singer Jeff Tweedy played a solo rendition of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s “Jesus, Etc.” as a web-exclusive for the show. Check it all out below.

The performance shows each band member in their respective homes. Alongside friends and family, Tweedy sings: “Don’t forget to tell your friends/When you see them again/O’ I love you/O’ I love you.”

This is a song for everyone, Tweedy said in a press release. “We miss each other. So we wrote a song about it to sing with each other, to sing to each other.”