Wife Furious Husband Lent Friend Savings Without Asking Her First

A man on Reddit is in hot water with his wife after he lent his friend a chunk of money from their savings without consulting her first.

The man and his wife have been married for five years and have two children together. They currently “live in a very nice place,” but want to move to a different neighborhood because his wife feels “old here because there are so many old people living around us,” he shared on Reddit.

For the past two years, they have been saving money toward purchasing a new home.

“It is worth noting … that we both work, but my salary is a little more than double hers. So I have made the major contribution to that saving. A couple of days ago, my friend asked for some money. I didn’t have that much on me, so I lent him from our ‘savings,'” he revealed.

When he told his wife, she was furious.

“I told her the reason, but she was still pissed. She said, ‘How can I trust someone blindly if he doesn’t return the money?’ I said I knew him way longer than her; we literally went to school together, and his entire family, even his cousins, knew me. She then said, ‘Why didn’t I ask her first?’ I said that it wouldn’t have made any difference because I contributed the most and we are not in need of a new house immediately, so I would’ve still lent him money,” he detailed, adding that his wife cried and is now giving him the silent treatment.

“I know I might’ve said some rude things, but I don’t think I am the a–hole here,” the man concluded his post.

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Users in the comments section blasted the man for not consulting with his wife first about lending some of their savings to his friend.

“Hope [he] understands he’s heading into ex territory if he continues this behavior,” one user wrote.

”I’ bought this house. ‘I’ don’t want to leave ever. ‘I’ feel good here. ‘I’ make more money. ‘I’ will give money to my friend without approval from spouse. Notice a theme here?” another asked.

“Guy has no respect for his wife at all. I hope she finds a way to get out of this marriage and be with someone who sees her as an actual person worthy of being treated with respect,” someone else commented.

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