Why It’s Exciting the ‘Devil Comet’ Is Hurtling Toward Earth

The nickname “Devil Comet” most definitely grabs your attention.

Comets heading toward Earth aren’t uncommon but when this particular one that’s so much larger than Mount Everest called the Devil Comet comes into play, visions of Hollywood disaster movies can’t help but take over our thoughts.

And get this, we’ll actually be able to see it with our own eyes by simply using binoculars. So let’s dive into a few fun facts about his horrifyingly scary-sounding comet that, spoiler alert, we don’t have to fear even though it’s hurling toward the planet.


According to Astronomy, it’s called the Devil Comet because it looks like it has horns. And yes, it’s big and weird looking in such an unimaginable size to us except, get this, the Devil Comet is actually the same size as the widest part of one of the most famous comets, Halley’s comet.


While nicknames are fun and grab our attention, according to Astronomy, the Devil Comet does have a real name. It’s called Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks or simply Pons-Brook by professional scientists.


According to Astronomy, the Devil Comet circles the sun every 72 years or so and it only hits points closest to Mother Earth during its orbit where we humans can see it maybe one or two times in our lifetime if at all. Oh and by the way, it’s been around since 1812 hurling toward Earth several times so there’s that.


The reason we’ll be able to see it with our own eyes is because of the solar eclipse this April 21, 2024, that will make it stand out shining brightly. However, it will still be more than 74 million miles away as it starts to head back into space away from us so there’s zero threat to us according to Astronomy.


The last time the Devil Comet was this close was in 1954 and it won’t happen again until 2095 according to Astronomy. If anything, the Devil Comet hurling toward Earth means a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse even more memorable than most. This is because we’ll be able to see this astronomical wonder because of that eclipse.

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