Viral Daycare Video Sparks Debate About Baby’s First Steps

A daycare worker sparked a viral debate over whether or not parents should be notified if their baby takes their first steps while in their care.

TikTok user and daycare worker @ohnonoemi shared her story when she stitched a video from another user, who wrote, “Just an fyi … if you see a baby take their very first steps and the mom isn’t around, no you didn’t.”

The daycare worker explained the tough position she’s personally been in with regard to alerting parents about their children’s milestones, which sometime, unfortunately, take place when parents aren’t present.

“I worked at a daycare in the infant room for two years and these kids are there all the time. They are there from 6 in the morning to 6:45PM … They go home to sleep, and then they wake up and they’re at daycare again. They’re gonna experience firsts at the daycare. Especially if they’re seeing their little friends also walking, also eating. If they see them doing that it helps them progress faster,” she explained.

“I told this mom that her baby took a couple steps and she was mad. She was like, ‘What?’ She took her baby, went to the front and told them, ‘You need to train these girls better,'” the daycare worked continued.

“They’re gonna walk. I don’t know. Maybe telling her was wrong, but like, they’re here all the time. They’re gonna do firsts that you’re not gonna see and it sucks,” she concluded.

Watch below:

The daycare worker’s story sparked a debate in the comments section of the video.

On the one hand, many agreed she did the right thing by notifying the mom about the milestone.

“No [because] you as a parent need to know about these developmental milestones. I’d be so happy if my daycare kept me up to date on that,” one person shared.

“I understand they want to be around for the first but isn’t it good to know asap if they can walk? That comes with significantly more safety concerns,” another wrote.

“When my daycare told me my kiddo stood up for the first time I was SO excited!! I’m so grateful for our daycare teachers,” someone else commented.

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Others argued telling a parent their baby walked for the first time without them there ruins the special moment.

“But why would you ruin that moment for them?” one user asked.

“Never tell them. Ever. One of the worst things you can do to a mom,” another chimed in.

“NEVER tell them. Remember having kids at home is a luxury and some moms can’t afford to stay at home. Some FAMILIES can afford it,” someone else commented.

Meanwhile, another viewer suggested it’s on the parents to decide and communicate whether or not they want to be informed of such moments.

“Parents need to be upfront on what they want to know and also, how long their child will be at daycare. They have to prepare to miss some things,” they explained.

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