How to Create Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce Halloween Decorations

An Indiana woman is sharing her secrets for how she created her now viral Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Halloween decorations.

Taylor Swift Halloween Decoration Came First

Michal Owens of Zionsville decided to add a pop culture twist to her annual Halloween display this year. Her family’s yard currently features two towering 12-foot skeletons dressed like Swift and Kelce.

In an interview with CBS 4 in Indianapolis, Owens said display started with a tribute to swift, or “Skaylor Swift” as she calls it.

“The hair was a big deal; that’s three wigs sewn together, they had to have bangs,” she told the TV station.

The tribute to Taylor is completed with a bejeweled dress and shiny microphone.

@mikeyo1414 Me to my husband: Tell me that we’ll be just fine, even when I lose my mind #skelly ♬ original sound – r & m <33>

Since Skaylor’s debut, the family has seen several cars stop in the street and their driveway to snap pics of the display.

“We would rather them pull in the driveway than stop dead on the road and drive off like they’re in a getaway car,” Owens told CBS 4.

Adding Travis Kelce To The Display

Seeing Taylor attend the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sept. 27 inspired Owens to make some additions to her Halloween decor.

“Still celebrating 1989 era this Halloween season, but had to add some Red after this weekend,” she said in a follow-up post on TikTok.

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In the video, Owens is seen painting a Chiefs jersey with Kelce’s number. She also adds recognizable mustache to a skeleton head.

@mikeyo1414 Still celebrating 1989 era this Halloween season, but had to add some Red after this weekend #swiftok #halloween #taylorswift #skelly ♬ original sound – r & m <33>

“I drove by this the other day and had to turn around to take a video for my friends,” TikTok user caelahmarie commented on the video. “So amazing.”

Owens isn’t stopping with the addition of the Kelce skeleton. She has plans to add Swiftie-inspired friendship bracelets made out of large styrofoam balls.

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