Video of This ‘Home Alone’ Christmas Decoration Is Going Viral

Getting into a debate on whether the incredibly popular Christmas comedy movie Home Alone is a Christmas movie or not, isn’t the point here. The point is this is one of the best outdoor holiday decorations I’ve ever seen, mostly because it’s so unique. There’s not a lot to it yet it’s going viral.

Even more hilarious, it’s been going viral since October because as you’ll see when you watch the video, there’s always that one house that starts decorating for Christmas very early, even too early. Yes October is too early in my opinion but I have to say, this was probably worth it.

Home Alone hit theaters in November 1990 just in time for the holiday season. I remember seeing it when it came out and laughing so hard I cried and did that shaking thing we do when we just can’t stop.

As I’m sure you know, it was another brilliant John Hughes movie set in his favorite spot, suburban Chicago, about eight-year-old Kevin McAllister played by Macauley Culkin mistakenly left home alone when his family left in a hurry for the airport to catch a flight to Paris for Christmas.

Being home alone, he creatively defended his home against a pair of burglars played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern on Christmas Eve using decorations as make-shift booby traps.

This is the movie that made Macauley a star and household name along with one of the most famous movie lines out there: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal. That line is actually from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. And even though sequels rarely live up to the original, these two go hand in hand every Christmas for so many.

Anyway, I ran across this video on Instagram when it just popped up in my feed. With hundreds of thousands of likes closing in on a million and thousands upon thousands of comments and shares, it’s bound to pop up in your Instagram feed at some point, too.

It’s from the Irish Times Instagram feed with no location available however no surprise if it is from across the pond with the Home Alone franchise a continuous, worldwide hit, especially during the holiday season.

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