Video Interview: partygirl

Posted: by The Editor

Don’t kill me for this lede but I can’t help myself: partygirl are definitely ready to get the party started. I recently sat down at a Park Slope dive bar with the big and bold Brooklyn band — partygirl is a 6-piece, practically orchestral ensemble, consisting of vocalist/guitarist/keyboard player Pagona Kytzidis, guitarist and producer Fran Pastore, drummer Jonathan Ashley, violinist/vocalist Claire Lin Jenkins, horn and keyboard player David Mirarchi, and bassist Andrew Jordan — to talk about communal songwriting, early influences, and overall ecstatic indie rocking.

“I take years to write songs,” Kytzidis says when discussing partygirl’s songwriting technique, which involves everything from jazz music notation to weird-time-signature jams. “I’ll put ‘em in a notebook and I’ll sit on them becuase something just doesn’t feel right. But with this group of people, writing songs is so fluid.”

Watch the video right this moment! I dare you!

Check out partygirl’s website here and their Instagram here

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