Vacay Nick Heals Alongside His Demons in "Started a Fight" (premiere)

Nick Aranda is best known for his contributions to the experimental rock of Paper Route, but he’s also hit the alternative scene as his alter ego solo project, Vacay Nick. While much of the project’s initial aesthetic might be full-on vacation mode, it doesn’t make it any less of a personal or cerebral experience for Aranda. His latest Vacay Nick endeavor, “Started a Fight”, is a good example. It deals with hefty themes of self-examination and reinvention, partly facing one’s inner demons head-on. Directed by the Fish Kids, the video sees the artist cycle through engagements with each of these reflections.

Vacay Nick says, “When I moved to Nashville 11 years ago from California, I thought I was leaving behind some inner demons. ‘Started a Fight’ is about dealing with those parts of myself again and even realizing that they have informed my life in good ways, too— almost like when you catch your reflection in the mirror, right before you make your ‘mirror face’ and you see the real person there. I met that version of myself and also welcomed it into a song, and I got a band together to help me track it.”