Utopian Rock Band Blakk Mantra Release New Banger ‘Queen Of Infinite Space’

Utopian rock band Blakk Mantra recently released a brand new banger, “Queen Of Infinite Space,” off their most recent EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd. Reminding us of some of the best heavy rock songs ever created, this powerful, uplifting, and addictive song is both poetic lyrically and extremely energizing sonically. 

After “We Are The Dreamers” (2017), and their 2019 EP Where There’s Smoke There’s Dope, Blakk Mantra’s “Queen Of Infinite Space” comes with perfect timing to prove the band’s fine artistry and stargazing idealism. Their utopian philosophy and anti-conformist views display the depth behind their approach, as well as their determination to share positivity, hope, and love with the listener. There hasn’t been a time in recent history when we needed such music as much as we do today, taking into account the global changes happening in the world right now.