These 28 People Had To End Toxic Friendships After One Final “Incident,” And It’s Genuinely Infurating


And: “He constantly canceled hang-outs or left them early whenever his girlfriends wanted him to, but he expected me to follow through on plans and would get upset if I canceled. When I called him out on this, he said guys should always be understanding with matters of girlfriends, so I should get over my frustration (dodging the point about the double standard). He also outed me as bi to a girl because he was upset that she was into me rather than him.”

“When I got engaged, he was bitter about me being less available for things and then invited me to a dinner party with a bunch of people where he and his partner essentially ambushed me and called me out in front of everyone. They belittled me, called me ‘whipped,’ and grilled me while everyone in the room weighed in. This led to a huge fight, which caused a fracture in the friendship, and we never really recovered. Eventually, we had a friend breakup.”